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So You Want to Be an Even Better Version of Yourself?


Like most people, I hold the belief that the majority of folks go to work wanting to do a good job, be a trusted coworker and leader regardless of their level in the organization, and be viewed as a valued team member. In this vein, I can't think of a single person who does not believe in the value of continuous improvement; i.e., a person who can't think of a shortcoming or two in their own leadership behavior that needs improving. I know that I can think of one or two when it comes to my own behavior!

However, the desire for personal growth and development often does not translate into meaningful action when it comes to making needed self-improvements. This can occur for a multitude of reasons. For example, leaders might get caught up in the busyness of their days and weeks, and put off addressing unproductive behavioral habits "until things settle down" - of course, they never do! Additionally, they might be crystal clear about what needs improving, but stop short of dealing with it because they are not quite sure "what to do or how to do it." In other cases, leaders have good intentions, but lack the confidence to do what needs to be done for fear of making the situation worse. Often, these day-to-day issues needlessly escalate into bigger events that demand more of our time - the one resource we all say we need more of!

So, to become an even better version of yourself, what will you choose to do? To assist you, LeadQuest has identified ten behavioral principles that, if one commits to practicing every day, will help you build the language, skills, and confidence to address your self-improvement opportunities.

Please click here to read the article, "The Choice is Yours" that defines each of LeadQuest's "10 Principles of Personal Leadership" and how you can use these principles to become that better version of yourself!

Brett Spengler